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Meeting Lectures

Meeting lecture notes for selected[*] lectures from the Southern Tier Linux User's Group

Perl on the Command Line -- see the unbridled power of Perl as used on the command line to make one's text processing duties a piece of cake.

Getting Linux Technical Information -- a brief primer on where to get your technical questions answered.

Introduction to PERL -- a brief primer on starting to use PERL, presented by Bill Huston at the March 2003 meeting.

Command Line Miscellaneous -- a brief dissertation on various command line items, presented by Dan Dofton at the December 2003 meeting.

new-red-blue.gif Numerous topics -- HOW-TOs, suggested projects and webiste updates, to name a few, were discussed at the November 2007 meeting.

[*]because these are the only ones where anyone bothered to take notes!

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